Car Insurance

How Much Coverage is Enough?

Car InsuranceWe all want our auto policy to repair our car when accidents happen. In the case that a car is totaled or stolen, the policy will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. These payments come from the parts of the policy called 'collision' and 'other than collision'.

Another part of the policy that protects us from even more potential catastrophic losses is the bodily injury liability. If we have the misfortune of hurting another person with a vehicle, the liability portion of an auto policy pays for this loss. Medical bills can turn out to be very high along with payments for future wages or sometimes a disability settlement. You want the policy to pay all these expenses. If your limits run out, you are personally liable and could have to pay these bills out of your income. Higher limits of liability insurance are relatively inexpensive. Let us help you come up with a solution to this important questions - how much coverage is enough.