Health Insurance

Types Available in Texas

Health InsuranceAt the Marilyn Kuhlman Agency in Frisco, Texas, we want to help you choose the type of health insurance policy that will work best for you and your family. You may also explore directly the websites of some of our health insurance companies. Please click on the links below!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas

United Healthcare

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
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Health insurance can help cover the payment of medical costs incurred by you, such as doctor's fee, hospital bills, and other expenses that can include medical tests and prescriptions. Whether you are choosing an individual family plan or a group plan in the Frisco, Texas area, we are here to help. The two basic types of health coverage available to Texans are:

Managed Care Plans use networks of selected doctors and other providers to provide comprehensive health services. They may offer incentives to encourage you use to use the plan’s providers or they may require that use their providers. The different types of managed care plans include HMO and PPO.

Traditional Plans allow you to go to any physician you choose but require that you pay for the services and file claims for reimbursement. Your plan may also allow your physician or provider to file the claim. Generally, you pay a deductible and a percentage of the doctor's charge (or co-insurance).

*policy terms, conditions, coverage and requirements will vary in the policies